Oracle Database Performance and Security Tool

Our Experienced OCP certified Oracle database engineers team provide 7X24 on site or remote support via phone and internet to our clients in the case of emergency and/or proactive maintenance. This aplication developed by InfoTelica detects, identifies and solves the performance and security issues on databases.

This application investigates diagnoses and finally recommends the best solutions to performance and security issues on Oracle databases which possess unique performance, reliability, accessibility, scalability, security, and management features.

Oracle database administrators need for a tool to analyze their business requirements, to detect bottlenecks, to use effectively all features of Oracle database and to detect need for possible hardware resources (Disk, CPU, Memory, etc.) Since comprehensive technical expertise is required in order to get full performances from applications running on Oracle databases. This Application supports solving complex problems by analyzing current database architecture and settings in every level.




STATSPACK report (AWR) Analysis.

Alert Log Analysis.

Database Health Check

Correction of database server system parameters.

Hardware requirement analysis.

Controlling memory allocation between operating system and oracle database.

Controlling Physical and logical database architecture.

Network security and performance.

Database security and performance

Detecting top consuming SQL, PL/SQL resources using intensive hardware resources.

Security features like Oracle Db Vault and Oracle Audit Vault